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Organized for What?

Organized for What?

So here’s part 2 to my thoughts on organization. There are several great informational sites to help you get things uncluttered, in their place and keeping it that way. Some of my favorites in the past years have been FlyLady and Motivated Moms. I use and adjust them to suit our needs. I’ve also made up my own charts or chore charts for the children as well. I do not have a 100% accuracy rate, but overall I think we have some great systems down. But, that’s not what I’m thinking of today.

Right now, I’m pondering the point of my organization. Yes, I believe there are reasons to support the ‘why’….and I enjoy the results. However, is my knack for organization and the satisfied feeling of an uncluttered home getting in the way of more imporant things? Such as my attitude toward my husband and children when they leave things undone or not put away? Or what of the command and pursuit towards hospitality?
Creativity is messy. Hospitality is messy. It really is. There is a releasing and letting go in allowing my children to draw, paint, cut, paste, cook, do puzzles, play games, etc. to their heart’s content without the constant stream of ‘please pick that up’ following after them. They will. I’ve taught them to do this and so I need to trust that they will.
And having their friends over requires an even deeper attitude of letting go. I’m not talking about allowing everyone to run wild and have no respect for our home. But, we often remind our children that ‘people are more important than things’. Hmmm….it’s a reality check for this Mama. Michael and I have also been talking a lot about opening up our home more in this year and in particular about living out the part in our family mission statement that says ‘we will generously share what we have with others’. Did you catch that?
And right on cue, I read this article on hospitality today from a favorite blog. Okay. Gotta do a bit more soul searching here on point #4 in the hospitality habits section. And practicing.

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  • JackieFebruary 26, 2008 - 9:14 am

    well, if you are looking for people to come and partake of your generous hospitatliy…luke and i were just saying how nice it would be to visit you guys.ReplyCancel

  • DanieleFebruary 27, 2008 - 10:34 pm

    jackie, you are welcome anytime! name the day. :o)ReplyCancel

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