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Organization Tip

Organization Tip


That word can bring on groans or cheers depending on personality, style, and the bottom line of whether or not a person is driven to ‘find a place for everything and put everything in it’s place’. Hmmm….which one are you?

I’m an organizer and always have been. It saves time, its save money and I find more of both to spend elsewhere. There are only so many hours in a day, so there is a point of threshold for each of us. It’s defined by our personal circumstances or responsibilities in life as we know it now. I find that though organizing is a part of me, it’s ever evolving.

Cultural styles and norms, my own particular style and at times abnormal ways of doing things, consideration for my husband’s and children’s needs (or lack of need) for organization or structure…..these are all things to consider! So it’s a dance, an ebb and flow if you will of what to do about our stuff and where it goes.

I’ll pause here. More on this later.

But oh, yes! My tip on the topic. It’s been a huge time saver to find this place for organizing and keeping up with the blogs or sites I would like to read. I really like it! I have serious concerns about spending too much time on the computer and so then time away from my family. Bloglines is wonderful for that; it’s allowed me to read more on the web in less time::set up a free account, subscribe to blogs or sites, and they do the work of letting you know when each is updated….super easy. Try it out!

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