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ordinary days

ordinary days

You know…some days are just plain boring.

Yep, you read that right :: boring and ordinary.

Or at least it can seem that way to this stay-at-home Mama whose often tired of hearing the echo of sibling squabbles, or seeing the room just cleaned become a perfect storm.  Some nights I fall into bed thinking ‘I seriously hope tomorrow is better’ before drifting off into a deep sleep ::

that is, if no one enters our room at three a.m. searching for his blue blanket, which is right next to his pillow.

Of course.


Ordinary days.  Laundry, cooking dinner (that may or may not pass for a ‘good meal’), sweeping and wiping up messes, losing patience and praying for more, and the list goes on.  But ordinary can be good I’m thinking because those days remind us or at least hopefully teach us to appreciate the extraordinary moments.  You know…the ones where I don’t hear or see the children, go into a serious panic, only to find them contentedly lying on the couch listening to big sister reading aloud.  Yes.

But if I live this parenting life waiting solely for the mountain-top experiences, I’m setting myself up (and my children) for major disappointment on a regular basis.  I must learn to appreciate the ordinary and accept it as part of the experience. 

Our Master had ordinary days—times where he had to settle disputes among his children (um, disciples), clean up messes & mistakes (like bloody ears, eww) and felt exhausted…so exhausted he slept through the perfect storm.  Jesus was one extraordinary God-man whose days were filled with the ordinary of life. 

And so it is with us :: when life is boring, or plain, with nothing really exciting happening…it’s okay and not a sign of defeat or a reason for disappointment.  It’s just simply part of the experience.

Embrace it.


photo of a simple extraordinary moment:

good book, iPod humming tunes, homemaking journal, and hoping the baby on the other end of that monitor naps long.

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  • PaulinaMarch 30, 2010 - 5:41 pm

    Indeed. Thanks for sharing :o) Have a happy Easter.

    GOD bless you and yours.ReplyCancel

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