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one decision you should make today

one decision you should make today

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Perhaps this could apply to vocation,

for those at a juncture of choosing.

Or maybe a bridging of each :: which one needs my attention this moment? how can I balance the two?

Whatever the response, if you have little ones at home still…

choose the kids.

If they are growing up quick, teen years passing — even more so…

choose the kids.

Even if they’re up-out-of-your-house and empty nest days a reality…

remember to choose the kids.

Today — offer a practical demonstration of your support, your love, your commitment to their well-being.  Regardless of age, we all need affirmation, we all need a dose of confidence…
We all need grace.


Pause the work for a moment :: for a day :: for a season,

and choose the kids.



{a gentle weekend to all :: next week, more reflections on attending to this practice}



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