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on slowing down and intentional living

on slowing down and intentional living

In case the words are difficult to read, Dieter Uchtdorf says:

“We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, and truly see the things that matter most.”

A gentle reminder to me in the midst of a full week.  Today, reminders of words written on this topic of intentionally taking time, of slowing down to savor your days

Slow Cooking, Slow Living :: on everyday living with pause

One Decision You Should Make Today :: on choosing the kids

The Lives We Choose :: pinning, liking, & tweeting about the life you want…but are you living it?


For those in a season of nourishment need, where intentional pause is of utmost importance:

Battling Burnout, There is Hope — steps to recovery

Living Intense or Intentional? — there is a difference, bringing different results into our lives

The Myth of ‘Doing It All’ — 8 things you must let go of in order to fully live


And, above all…

The True Purpose of Living Intentionally

Pause today friends, allow for a little more breathing room in your schedule, and seek to honor the One who blesses us with TIME.



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