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of writing spaces and a blog survey

of writing spaces and a blog survey

I’ve been writing up a storm lately…

that’s what we say in Texas:  the word storm is used fairly often.  Yes, yes…I live in PA.  But, I was raised in the great Lone Star state and my heart is forever in the south!

So back to writing ~ what an incredible honor to share words, share heart, share Him with others.  A few places I’ve been recently:

How to End Your Homeschool Year over at Bright Ideas Press blog.  Don’t just evaluate the year – celebrate it!  At Passionate Homemaking…Remembering the Gift of Marriage.  In which I describe our crazy weeks-before-the-wedding idea!

Today, you’ll find my review of an excellent organizational tool for homeschooling Moms over at The Curriculum Choice.

And lastly, my copy of Home Educating Family magazine finally arrived!  The children eagerly flipped pages to find Mama’s article :: so sweet of them.

The community of women and writers in these spaces is amazing.  To lend a small part, one voice among many…well, it’s a privilege.

Today, I am grateful for those who gather here, for each of you.  For the ones who pause at this space to read, who receive in their inbox, who come from various places on the web.  Thank you.

God is calling me forward, asking me to pursue

I’d like to bring you along on the journey with me, so could I ask a favor?  Would you take a few moments to fill out the survey below and share your ideas and thoughts?  Email readers, if you can’t see it, please visit here.

I appreciate your time….


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