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nourishment :: a place to start

nourishment :: a place to start

How many times do I wish I had simply answered ‘no’?  Or at least ‘not now’…giving breadth and room for an intentional,

and not simply an emotional response?

To pause and listen, to wait on counsel, to ask of Him.

How many times have you?

We humans have this strange and often unexplainable capacity to overwhelm ourselves.  Over and over, decisions we make clutter life with fullness that does not feed.  And we stand empty-handed, spent and lacking, frustrated and disappointed.

Then we firmly resolve to ‘never again’, only to find we did it again.  Sigh.  I’ve lived this cycle one time too many.

In the midst however, there is hope. A movement towards life abundant.

Nourishment begins with ‘No’.

{today I’m a guest over at Jen’s Thursday nourishment series; read the rest of this post over at her space.  Our caring of self should be fueled by a foundational understanding, an important relationship — ‘Nourishment Begins with ‘No’}

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