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why I need nourishing words

why I need nourishing words

So I wrote recently about purpose…

about this call to nourish body and soul.  How where you are now–this blog–finds its place.  What do words penned in early morning or later nights have to do with nourishment, with purpose?

I didn’t know fully before.  Before uniting with like-minded women, a rally of kindred spirits, an assembly of writers :: this gathering provoked much reflection and thought, conversations within and without.  Pondering why I write, to whom, and for what intended purpose…

I didn’t realize how necessary words are to my spirit.  Like breathing, this act of searching, probing, reaching for a combination of letters to adequately express thoughts, is essential.  I must take time…carve out time…or my spirit suffers.

To be comfortable in my own skin is a process.  There are few expectations writing will lead to a product, a physical affirmation of why I scrawl and scribble thoughts.  My desire reaches beyond…

The deepest satisfaction of writing is precisely that it opens up new spaces within us of which we were not aware before we started to write.  ~ Henry Nouwen

The process itself is enough.  When I am weary, overspent, exhausted…pen and paper, a dance of 26 letters…express prayers, hopes, dreams.  This too when I am overjoyed and elated.  I learn more of who I am, a lump of clay’s attempts towards understanding.

So, this new blog home?

Here you’ll find much of the same.  A celebration of family, domestic plans and pursuits, posts to nurture the spirit.  Prayerfully, in a more intentional fashion? I seek to please an audience of One with fragrant offerings of words :: may you be blessed as well.

  • In the menu bar at top, topics are separated into categories.
  • Domestic :: our celebrations as a family, what’s happening in the kitchen, homeschooling adventures still continue to be posted as vision for the blog is primarily a record of life being enjoyed.
  • Serenity :: here I prayerfully offer more intention and focus.  On a regular basis, you’ll find posts marked serenity for mothers, for the soul, for marriages, for little ones, for the home. An explanation of each will accompany the first postings.
  • And because I am a lover of books, perhaps we’ll travel together through a few?  With women from our church community, I recently led an online book study of sorts and immensely enjoyed the process.  Accountability to write about, to read and to finish a book!  I do believe we’ll try it here?

Oh, I write this all with a quake and shakiness!  For really, what do I know of words to heal, to minister, to help? Only the Spirit can give true utterances full of life and meaning.  The only guarantee is that here…in this space…I will boldly offer to Him more of me.

Come along for the journey…

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