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my youngest lady-in-waiting and resources for mothering girls

my youngest lady-in-waiting and resources for mothering girls

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By the time my third girl came along, I was fairly confident of my mothering skills. I grew up with sisters, and two girls had come before this bundle.  Surely, I was a pro!

I was wrong, that’s what I was; and it took me about four years to figure that out.

Thankfully, God provided a significant resource – Strong-Willed Child or Dreamer? – and we finally had some insight to understand and unwrap the wonderful package He had given us!

Now this youngest girl of mine is a vivacious, beautiful 10-year old whose gifts, passion, vision and focus inspire me on a regular basis.

I am so honored to be her mother.

Just this week, my girl approached me with yet another one of her ‘ideas’.  Weary from being ill, I was a bit short with her, wanting to wrap up the conversation and send her off to bed.

She hesitated some, and simply asked:

Mom, may I be your lady-in-waiting?

Oh, my.  Once again, my child’s request stops me short and the Lord speaks clearly to my heart.  I must take time, make room, not rush with my own plans right now.

What do you mean, what would you like to do?  From there began a description so vivid, I just knew there must be a book behind the whole thing!

Sure honey, you can be my lady-in-waiting.  I’d be happy to have you.

And as I write this post, breakfast has been served in bed with yes, Madam and of course, my lady and curtsies galore.  I’ve been assured that no request is too small and if I so wish, lunch and dinner will be served in my room as well.

Honestly now, what more could I need? 🙂

Training up girls is no easy task in our day, maybe it’s always been like this, but this is the time period we live in.  The messages sent to young women are skewed at best.

How is a Christian mother to respond?

With biblical messages and training their young hearts and minds to think differently!

As a contributing author to the homemaking ebook bundle, I received all of the resources without cost for the purpose of review.  One area which caught my attention are the resources for mothering in general and for training girls.

Take a look:

Princess Training by Richele McFarlin

Geared towards ages 7-13, Princess Training focuses on a young girl’s character and heart attitude, gently encouraging with words and activities how to follow after Christ.

Chapters include:  modesty (it’s the heart not the hemline!), hospitality, femininity and more.


Balcony Girls  by Sandy Coughlin focuses is on being a great friend and fostering wonderful relationship between girls.

Each book (there are two) has lessons on various virtues to pursue.

I enjoyed reading through much of these – must finish!

Find a list of all virtues here.


Mindset for Moms by Jamie Martin

 “The only thing we can count on as Moms is change.”

So true.  But our mentality and outlook as mothers can be counted on as we shape our thoughts!

This 30-day guide book offers Moms perspectives to keep in mind:

finding emotional rest, cultivating gratitude, discovering your mission, moving away from competition and comparison and much, much more!

: :

There are over a dozen ebooks on motherhood and the training of girls and boys in this week’s homemaking bundle (all in downloadable PDF format, NO Kindle required).

The value of the 4 books mentioned above is about $29, around the cost of the whole entire library of 97 resources!

Readers here know I do support and offer products I believe may benefit your family and support you as a Mom — this is one of those.

So much so that tomorrow starts the giveaway of one entire bundle, including all $140 worth of freebies (such as natural toothpaste, natural skin care and an online menu planning membership)!

I’ve purchased a bundle for a reader here…

…so come back tomorrow and enter to win!

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  • Noelle the dreamerMay 1, 2013 - 5:09 pm

    A lovely young lady to be sure and I love the way you say you are honoured to be her Mum!
    God is good Daniele, you have a beautiful family!ReplyCancel

  • […] Notice my lady-in-waiting assisting me?  And yes, the ice cream is melting since we didn’t wait for freezing and tried it soft-serve! […]ReplyCancel

  • Daniele @ Domestic SerenityMay 3, 2013 - 7:33 am

    Thank you so much Noelle….ReplyCancel

  • LenoreMay 3, 2013 - 9:55 am

    lol! What an awesome question! Have you found out what the book behind the question was? I am a mother of 5, 4 of them girls and I am glad for the reminder to take the time to listen! Life seems so busy and it just seems to get in the way of creating the “space” that girls seem to need to share stuff. and I really like the look of this bundle! Thanks for showcasing it for us!ReplyCancel

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