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mom, listen to the small stuff

mom, listen to the small stuff


If we’re honest, it’s a tall order really…

especially when there are 3 or 4 or more of them asking, pleading, demanding our attention as Mom.  When the day has been long, and patience short — and it’s right before bedtime, and they want to talk…asking just one more question,

telling us just one more thing, just one more story from their day!  Please, Mom?

In those moments, in those bleary and often weary moments with little ones,

If we can only remember that sometimes:  pausing the routine for a few more minutes,

                             …giving our full attention,

                                       …and looking fully into their face with expectation

will deposit many more rewards of relationship-building with our children than the withdrawals of whatever we had to give up to do so.

This work of sharing the gift of time with our children is important work.  Holy work.

And yes, sometimes tiring work.  I encourage you, and I remind myself as well, to take time today.

It’s big stuff.


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