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may 3in30 goals :: a review of april

may 3in30 goals :: a review of april

Once again, I’m overdue for my 3in30 update!  This program of sorts has a new web home, so check it out for inspiration on how to set goals and get them done.

I am consistently posting monthly on my progress though, so does this kind of erase my tardiness? Probably not.  But anyway, let’s move on and see how April went.

The three goals I wanted to accomplish last month:

  • In April, I wanted to evaluate where to shop for our foods :: DONE!  We eat whole foods as much as possible, and because of dairy & soy allergies present — buying food is not always an easy task.  Then, watching an eye-opening food documentary had me reconsidering our meat sources.  Needless to say, food is on the brain!  So, I wrote out a list of where our food will come from :: i.e. Amazon (for some non-perishables such as coconut milk), local farms (for eggs, beef & poultry), fruits & vegetables (local farmer’s market), etc!  I also decided on how often to order and shop for each thing as time spent there is not a favorite of mine — I’d rather be cooking.  So excited to have this done!
  • along food lines, we were to also plant our seeds for tomatoes, lettuces and other veggies :: DONE!  My 8-yr old is really thrilled to watch the seedlings grow and cannot wait to transplant them outdoors.
  • and lastly, I wanted to improve my photography skills :: MOVING ALONG!  This is an ongoing goal, so who knows when I’ll actually be done.  April was skimpy, but I did do one small photo project, using a few new buttons on the camera!

April went fairly well…on to May!

  • Again, I am working on photography skills, especially taking pictures of people in natural lighting.  So, this is an ongoing goal for now!
  • I also want to finish our homeschool plans for next year and order any curriculum or books, games, etc. we will need (which is not much, thankfully).  Our family takes a break in June and July, starting again in early August.  For me to enjoy that break, the planning has to get out of the way!
  • Finally, I want to wrap up organizing my seasonal planning notebooks (inspired by this post).  These are 3-ring binders where all ideas for celebrating and keeping home & family life are kept.  Six binders for every two months that includes recipes, family fun ideas, seasonal to-do lists and much more!  I started this project about a year ago and have chipped away here & there at taking all my magazines, random notes and such and putting it into a notebook — almost done!

Alright, so there’s May and the plans for this month…


Tomorrow…a series of posts begins on pursuing God-ordained passions in God-ordained seasons

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