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my thoughts and plans for May 2014 (and tips on SMART goals)

my thoughts and plans for May 2014 (and tips on SMART goals)

Regular readers probably know I’m a planner.

I thrive on organized lists, thinking ahead, and simplifying and streamlining the entire process so I don’t overwhelm myself with goals or a huge pile of to-dos at the last minute.

Sometimes, I slip into that crazy pattern.

But overall, keeping a healthy perspective provides balance — life doesn’t always go as planned.  Thinking things through is still quite helpful, and beginning in May, I want to lay out 5 or so goals for each month and share them here.

I practiced this before and the habit was highly motivating — so let’s try it again!

: :

SMART Goal Setting

My thoughts could be all over the map – spiritual, physical, household, personal, etc., but they will all be SMART goals (quick video explanation).

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time Bound

The time bound part is simple.  I hope to complete each of the goals in the month of May.

I hope they are realistic and attainable as I’ve tried to consider how our month might flow, how many activities we have, etc; and each goal has a way of measuring at the end of the month if it was actually accomplished or not.

SMART, right?

May 2014 Personal Goals

 Attend and enjoy the 2:1 Conference.  Oh, it took me a while to recover from missing last year’s conference.  I was scheduled to speak and just several days before became too ill to attend.

This year, I’m excited to return simply as an attendee!  Well, and to partner with a few bloggers and companies on some projects. 🙂

❖  Host our church women’s retreat.  After 2:1, my super fabulous team of ladies and I will host a local retreat for some really special women.  Very exciting!

❖  Wrap up our homeschooling year.  The children and I are steadily working and hoping to end our school year this month — woohoo!

❖  Plant annuals (in pots) after Mother’s Day – for our front porch and back porch.

 Expand my ebook Rhythm of Rest and offer it again as a subscriber FREEBIE.  Two years ago this May, I swallowed my fear and shared with the internet a piece of my heart, my story.

Honoring the Rhythm of Rest is a short ebook outlining a few thoughts on embracing the gift of rest.  God allowed those 30 pages to circle the globe (literally) with thousands of copies sold via this blog and bundle sales.

Lately, I’ve been prompted to expand some of the info on burnout recovery — adding in helps for adrenal fatigue and more — and then to simply GIVE it away from now on to all subscribers.

So…I need to finish up this month!

❖  Declutter the kids’ closets & put away winter clothing.  Right now is the worst time of year for laundry!

We have some winter clothes still around, spring clothing has been taken out of bins and everyone is wearing everything.  The little boys especially seem incredibly happy to shed their clothes 2-3x a day.  *sigh*

So, I need to put away all winter clothes (save a few long-sleeved shirts or sweatshirts) and scale the laundry piles back down to normal.

: :

That’s it!  Just a few things I hope to accomplish this month.

How about you?  Any thoughts or plans for May?


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