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Mama D’s Musings

Mama D’s Musings

I thought it would be good to add my comments, musings or thoughts at random points throughout this blog. I have been so pleased with the start of our school year and am still basking in the ‘glory’ of fresh new days. This is partly due to our new basement and s-p-a-c-e to spread out, but today I realized it may have to do with the fact that I am more in tune as to why we homeschool.
On the first day, I processed this with the girls: ‘why do we homeschool?’ Their responses were funny and even impressive! But, I finally explained in words they understood. We have them home with us during this season of their lives because we want them to be instructed in our family’s mission. They can receive an adequate or even superior academic foundation elsewhere, though we are committed to this as well. However, no institution can take ample time to teach our children some of the values we hold dear–or even if they did, it may not be with the same emphasis or passion.
So, what is this mission you may ask? In 2003, we adopted as a family (at least those who were speaking members then!) what we call our ‘mission statement’–or purpose statement if you will. Five simple statements that we have felt sum up why the six of us are under the same roof—a LOT. I’ll introduce them one at a time here and there along the way.

Number One: “We enjoy relationship with God and with one another. We love to laugh, talk & share, play, worship, work and have fun together.”

Life is primarily about relationships. Period.

Yes, I guess it’s important to know about Socrates, the dates of the American Revolution or how to calculate the area of a shape….but we strongly believe that our children also need time to build solid relationships. First, with their Creator God and alongside of this we emphasize that He divinely placed them in the context of a family to learn about relationships here on earth. Yes, we do branch out and encourage them to build friendships and associations outside of our family–but it all starts here. And home is at times the hardest place to put into practice the very aspects needed for great relationships: trust, loyalty, kindness, service…and the list could go on. We want to take not just small snippets of time, but huge chunks and large blocks of time to instruct them that real, rich and robust relationships with a holy God and with those in their family are BIG. It’s the glue that kind of pulls the other pieces of life together I think. We don’t always get it right, but we know enough to make it a priority.

So, there you have it. This, my friends, is the first reason as to why we base our children’s education from home.

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  • JackieOctober 4, 2007 - 10:11 am

    very well said, mama D. i like it and i may just have to plagiarize it ’cause i don’t think i could have said it better myself!ReplyCancel

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