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looking towards Mother’s Day :: encouragement and giveaways

looking towards Mother’s Day :: encouragement and giveaways

In this week…

I’ve teamed up with some incredible writers to deliver encouragement, community, hope, vision and a reminder of the important work you do as Mom, as a woman tending to her home.

We too are mothers, we are daughters.  We also care for home and family.

We cook meals, wash laundry, care for sick family members, volunteer, and we just get it.

We live right in the trenches of parenting, housekeeping, and doing life with you.

While we understand the eternal rewards of mothering, we know earthly patience and perseverance are also part of the picture.

We can’t lift your physical burdens or solve your mothering or home keeping mysteries, but we want to cheer you on to do it all well.

With awe.

With grace.

So this week I want to celebrate the calling of all homemakers and all mothers out there (stay-at-home, work-at-home, work-outside-the-home, it doesn’t matter!).

May you choose to celebrate the calling God has given you, and feel a fresh surge of His power and purpose directing your steps.

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TWO great things happening this week!


First, all week you’ll find various ‘Dear Mom’ letters from a  little band of mother-encouragers, as we share with you the hope we’ve found in Christ, and the many ways it directs our motherhing steps.  Our lineup of posts on these days:

Tuesday, May 6

Daniele at Domestic Serenity (*my post tomorrow, including a GREAT giveaway of resources!)

Kara at The Chuppies

Wednesday, May 7

Andrea at Wisdom for Her Heart

Mandy at From Lukewarm to Zealous Pursuit

Thursday, May 8

Rachel at Rachel Wojnarowski: Inspiring Extraordinary Faith for Everyday Living

Ruth at Grace Laced

Friday, May 9

Amy at Gospel Homemaking

Elisa at More to Be


Then, on Wednesday I’ll share about another group of bloggers teaming up to offer community, support and resources around our homemaker, keeper of the home role.

We too have a SUPER giveaway – so don’t forget to come back!

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All week long, may you find encouragement in our words.

May God fill you with more of Himself  through it all.



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