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keep moving forward

keep moving forward


I’ve been working on some huge-to-me projects lately.

There are multiple notebooks going, scratched out lists everywhere, plenty of networking with other writers and organizations and more.  I feel full of purpose and determination.  Alive.

The creating of content and community I shared just two months ago is coming together!

(I’m also busy with everyday life like running kids to musical rehearsals, teaching geography at homeschool co-op, or procrastinating on laundry chores — the latter of which I excel).

Yet in all the excitement, there is sometimes a gnawing fear.

When I am invested in a project, and I mean truly dedicated heart, mind and soul, the vision of said project sometimes comes to me in a WHOLE big chunk.

I go from zero ideas, blank space to oh-my-goodness-I-know-EXACTLY-what-should-be-done. In one swoop, I can envision the entire thing. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a quiet, reflective introvert who appreciates time to turn an idea inside out (and back again) before taking next steps. It’s my norm.

But sometimes….

…the total opposite happens, and it’s just where I find myself now.

Unfortunately, this mega download of creative thought brings ALL kinds of fear-based questions for me:

Who are you to do this, Daniele?

Do you even know enough? (ugh, this one plagues me)

Look, someone else is already doing what you have in mind — and it’s better!

What exactly are you planning to contribute to this topic?

And many times in my past…I’ve gotten stuck right at those questions. I pause. I reconsider. Basically, I get scared that whatever it takes I just don’t have.  Anyone else?

I wish today there was some quick fix to offer. There are great books written, and better advice given, on overcoming fear. I honestly have no fancy wisdom.

Just this friend:  sometimes, giving up is simply NOT an option.

Yes sometimes, it’s altogether right to release a dream.

To say a gentle goodbye or not now or to wait. You may find yourself settled deep in this season. Then relax, I’m certainly not here to make you feel guilty.  This post might not be for you.

But for those whose next step feels huge…

…whose God-calling or heart-vision looms larger than life…who are afraid and maybe tempted to give up…


If you can’t run with the vision right now, walk it.  If you can’t walk, crawl it.

Little by little, baby step by baby step — live into the big, the hard, the impossible of it all. Take fear along if necessary, just don’t let her run the show.

I believe God is with you, for you!  Keep moving forward.



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