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juggling life :: 3 important realities

juggling life :: 3 important realities

{Today I’ll wrap up some thoughts on pursuing God-given passions in God-ordained seasons :: see links for parts 1-3 at the end of this post}.

I just love Jesus.

Studying the life of the God-man is a lifetime pursuit.  I want to honor Him with my life in gratitude for all He’s done.

You do too.

So, when we talk of defining our passions, and how we’re to accomplish those in our God-ordained season of life — the foundation should always be crystal clear.  The honor is for Him — alone.  Not to make a great name for ourselves or for applause.

We honor Him first and then allow Him to attract any attention.

Alright, let’s see if I can really wrap this up or if another post is necessary (ha!) —

I shared last of thinking through the opportunities in front of us and placing them into one of three categories ::  are we talking food, water, or breath?

Another way of evaluating is understanding the realities of juggling.  We often talk of ‘juggling life’ and women don’t seem to gather long without exchanging tips on managing home, work, children, family life, or time for other pursuits.  I also think Jesus often demonstrated juggling the demands of life and how to do it well.

Real juggling has three realities:

  1. there is always a ball up in the air
  2. you are always releasing a ball
  3. you are always taking hold of a ball

Here’s a live demonstration for you via youtube (you may want to either quiet the music above or mute the video music)

See it happening?  The principles apply to life as well  —
there is always something that’s not ours to do (ball up in the air)
always an idea, a plan, a pursuit we need to let go (releasing a ball)
and always something for us to be doing, to be about (taking hold of a ball).

Life is about learning to juggle.  The Master knew this well.

So, hopefully these are some helps in determining which passions, ideas and plans are ‘in season’ for you right now.  Then naturally, you need a plan! Oh, my…there are loads of excellent resources, so I won’t attempt to expand on the topic.  I’ll offer a few before some closing comments:

Tell Your Time — an itty bitty power-packed e-book (30 pages) for planning your days according to priorities.  The best resource I’ve found for those of us with little time to actually think about organizing our time!  Highly recommended.

Creating a Life Plan — another great resource (90 pages) with excellent ways of reviewing goals and plans from weekly to how-tos on also accomplishing this quarterly or yearly.  Well done and one I will refer to often!


Okay, as I thought…just one more post needed to wrap it up.  A few closing thoughts so to speak — see you tomorrow!


Grace to you in the journey!



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