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Jackie Update

Jackie Update

Hello All!

I haven’t written much but that doesn’t mean that things are not busy here for me! Senior year is going alright so far and it’s becoming more difficult to believe that it’s almost half over…my entire high school career is coming to a close. Wow. Along with academics, I still continue to work at my dad’s office doing various clerical work. We recently had a move and I now have my OWN desk, computer and phone! Woohoo!! I have definitely moved up in the world. :o) The work is sometimes tedious and um, boring, but I get paid for it so can’t complain much there.

This year I also began dancing again, which has been wonderful. Back to the studios and the world of tights, leotards, and all that stuff as I’ve taken ballet, modern and lyrical jazz classes. Exhilarating! I really enjoy this particular studio because everyone is grouped by ability and not solely by age like other places. Also, they have a dance company that I can audition for this summer; so it all doesn’t end senior year as other studios do. All in all, it is a great place to be! And since Janelle and Jordyn take classes as well, we all have something to do together. I enjoy holding mini-classes for them in the basement….well, most of the time.

Here is a pic of me last week at my grandparents. Janelle & I wanted to show off the jackets from Nana & Grandad. Anyway, my last note is about my car. Ahhh, my car. Ooooh, my car. Well, it’s not exactly my car yet, but I am buying it from my Mom & Dad. It’s a 2005 Silver Honda Civic that I hand-picked this year at a used car lot owned by friends of my parents. I’m saving like crazy and already have put a chunk down, so just a little more to go! Fortunately, my parents have put some into the pot also. (whew!) All in all, life is going smoothly.

Well, that’s a quick update…gotta run!

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