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Introducing The Adventure Bible website :: a super interactive resource!

Introducing The Adventure Bible website :: a super interactive resource!


I am always on the lookout (and I do mean always) for stellar resources for our homeschooling and learning journeys.

Finding something we really enjoy isn’t always easy, and with the crazy abundance of information available, it’s also hard to wade through it all!

So, partnering with companies whose products we’ve found useful and helpful, and then sharing here with you feels like a fun matchmaker opportunity.  Our hope is that you might find them helpful as well.

Saves you a step, maybe?

Today we’re introducing a FREE online resource supporting biblical literacy — the Adventure Bible website!

Biblical Literacy for Kids

Zondervan sent our family a complimentary copy of The Adventure Bible in exchange for thoughts on the website, and my 2nd grade boy was the tester of choice.  He happily helped me out!

Understanding Scripture beyond basic stories is fairly important to the homeschooling and parenting of our children.  We own and use several What’s in the Bible videos, love our MP3s of catechism songs, and appreciate great discussions of what we’re learning.

Now, the Adventure Bible website has been added to our list of favorites — what a fun, interactive journey into God’s Word!

Some basics of the site:

  • the website is FREE
  • games also available as an iPad app format
  • boasts of several resources & games helping kids with general Bible trivia and scripture memorization
  • printable crosswords, word searches and full-color biblical maps
  • printable Bible reading plans (very helpful)
  • timelines, devotionals, and much, MUCH more!

Check out their video for a tour –

The Adventure Bible Site extras

If you register for an account, also FREE, an entire new set of resources is available as seen above — from sermon outlines for those involved with children’s ministry (or for family devotionals) to fill-in-the-blank printables —

there are over 700 resources available!

My favorite part of the site (I haven’t explored all of it yet) is the Bible Search feature.

Kids can type in and look up a verse, a passage, keywords or an entire book of the Bible and find extra study notes on many parts.

I can send my kids to do their own research on a safe site, without them having to navigate the web — really handy.

: :

All in all,  we give The Adventure Bible website a BIG thumbs up!

A super excellent tool for anyone teaching and training children to love and know God’s Word.


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