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Welcome March! :: Life Plus Homeschooling Show, A Woman Inspired Conference

Welcome March! :: Life Plus Homeschooling Show, A Woman Inspired Conference

So I’ve made reference  as to why stockpiles of freezer cooking meals were being made at an alarming rate — March holds some exciting adventures!

All this prep will help ease days ahead as we sail into the next 4-6 weeks.  There’s been some streamlining of other areas too such as homeschooling and general household responsibilities.

In order to say yes, we often have to say no somewhere, true?

Let me tell you about what’s going on!  I’m both honored and humbled by these opportunities:

One more week to go on a 4-week mentoring training session I’ve been leading for women in our congregation and local area.  About 30 of us come together to grow in relationship skills.  We’re embracing the idea of impacting others AND being mentored ourselves.

I am just thrilled to be sharing with this group, and working with two other women who teach as well!  We laugh much and learn deeply from the Word and from one another.

: :

Soon I’m bound for Tennessee to join Home Educating Family’s Talk Show.  Yes…a talk show, which means video recording.  Which means hair in place, makeup done and think-before-you-talk responses. 🙂

I’ve been prepping for the different topics to share in this living room style interview — actually, 4 of them:

  • How to End Your Homeschooling Year
  • The Importance of Rest for Homeschooling Moms
  • A Call for Christian Excellence
  • and Homeschooling When Your Husband has a Full Schedule

These may not be the exact titles in the end, but those are the topics.  Home Educating Family is a phenomenal fast-growing company!  I’m not being prompted (or paid) to say this; I’ve been impressed with them before any contact from within the company.

So, to meet with founder Rebecca Keliher is a treat!  Rebecca is also a keynote speaker at The 2:1 Conference, and it will be wonderful to see her again in April.

: :

End of the month brings involvement in an online women’s conferencewho knew?  I’m obviously a little behind the times.

A Woman Inspired Conference is being held March 20 – 22 and is a FREE offering for women!  It’s full of speakers, giveaways and much more — the theme is on redemption and repentance.

Thank you God for technology!, especially for women in areas where joining a live conference is impossible.

I’m committed to one session of the conference and will be sharing around the topic — When You Feel Like You’ve Ruined Your Life.


Honestly, there’s been some holy fear & trembling happening here!  I say ‘holy’ because it’s not a fear that keeps me stuck, walking away in disobedience or hanging on too tightly to my comfort zones.

But just a holy pause and awe-filled recognition of God. At. Work.  In me, prayerfully through me, and around me.

I want to honor and handle well these gifts of His, these opportunities to make His name great.

And I pray this for you too — whatever YOU are up to.

In all things — no matter how practical and even if no one is watching — let Him shine through you.  He’s just as much at work in your life as well…



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