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homeschool happiness :: a recipe to consider

homeschool happiness :: a recipe to consider

I’ve spent a good chunk of time lately rearranging, sorting, cleaning through, giving away and selling various homeschooling materials that we own.  The past two months have been sprinkled with planning as well, considering all of our intentions and establishing a routine.

All in all, we’re almost ready to begin. At first, plans were to start after Labor Day, allowing this year for more summer.  But we’ll most likely be involved in a major housing project or moving in this school year so…it would be wise for academics to have a head start!

Children are excited, Mom is pumped and hoping to pace herself, school days are almost here once again…

Today over at Frugal Granola, where I contribute monthly, I offer a recipe for homeschool happiness.   FIVE ingredients that I hope to incorporate into learning & growing at home this year.

FIVE perspectives to keep in mind and remember on days that all goes well, and for the days when all does not.  Maybe words there will be a blessing to your homeschool?



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