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homefront happenings

homefront happenings

{In my last post, I mentioned sharing thoughts of moving forward with pursuing God-given passions in God-ordained seasons.  This has become HUGE in my heart since writing those words!  I will return to that subject in about a week after gathering all the Lord is speaking — thanks for patience & grace!}

Around the homefront, we’ve been oh so full of everyday living & doing…

:: wrapping our studies on Africa with Kenyan samosas (recipe from Extending the Table)

:: I’ve devoured more of these French Onion Tartlets than I care to admit — scrumptious! (recipe will have to wait as now I can’t find my ripped-out-of-a-magazine page)

:: watching & welcoming feathered friends outside our windows

:: cleaning out homeschool curriculum and having a virtual yard sale!  (the kids are helping since funds are being set aside for a zip line in the backyard! )

:: planting seeds, watching the start of  germination and growth…future tomatoes, lettuce & more on our plates.

:: enjoying wagon rides around the neighborhood (please ignore my youngest’s scrunched up face — I would love to say it was the sun, but he often gives me that look!  funny boy…)

:: see what I mean about ‘that look’?

:: I’ve been doing lots of reading (of course) —

science curriculum for next year,

sooo excited about Neta Jackson’s Yada Yada House of Hope Books & loving the first one.  If you’d like to be super encouraged in your prayer life and read great fiction as well — I highly recommend her original Yada Yada prayer group series! I rarely read fiction, but these books I like.

and joining in High Calling’s next book club read — waiting to be ‘enchanted’ and learn the art!

:: snagging FREE items by matching drug store sales with coupons (the above is from the last two weeks).  No ‘extreme couponing’ happening on a large scale – (I’ve never seen the show, but hear about it from friends) – but I’ve been intentional about grabbing deals on toiletries.  Some we keep, some we give away….lots of fun for this frugal Mama!

Yes, it’s been full in our home and in the activities that touch our lives.

But, this is a good life we have…God-ordained for this season. I know it and believe it deeply — though I always haven’t been so confident and have wavered greatly under the pressure to conform.  To doubt who I was created to be.

And, I’ll share more on that in about a week.


Grace to your weekend :: carve out a sabbath rest and…




what would you like to do next?

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