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highlights of our school days

highlights of our school days

So early summer, I made a plan and outlined how our days should go…

and going they are!

Beginning work in late July has proven a providential decision, our first few months have been filled with surprises (of both the up and down variety).  Having started in pockets here and there, then increasing in focus and subjects…

has saved the day (and Mama’s sanity :)).

School days are moving along here.  Moving along just fine.

Some highlights ~

:: last minute, we switched phonics programs.  I cannot sing enough praise for All About Spelling, a phonics, spelling approach all-in-one! I am amazed and thrilled at how much our 5-yr old is learning and retaining.

While his sisters have been excellent readers from the start, the advantage he’s receiving in spelling and this comprehensive approach is w-a-y ahead of where other programs have taken us.  From my understanding, the seven levels can carry a child through middle school or even beyond — guess what the girls will be starting soon?

I am excitedly anticipating All About Reading’s release in November; this program goes hand in hand with All About Spelling.

I am not a bells-and-whistles type of curriculum owner…just give me the basics.  This program, with all of what seems like extras, is completely worth it.

:: I wish we could rave as much about our math workbooks for K and 3rd.  Last year, I appreciated this critical thinking approach to math so much and still am grateful for the line of questioning.  However, I am disappointed by the 3rd grade book — it feels scattered, jumping from skill to skill in a pattern that’s harder to follow (we still like the kindergarten book though).

Sigh.  Nothing major to be corrected, we’re supplementing some with IXL online math, which the children enjoy!

:: we haven’t done as much outdoor study as I first planned — the days have been sooo rainy around here.

:: intentionally focusing more on homemaking & housekeeping skills with the girls (ages 13 and nearly 9) is an interesting and fun journey!  Interesting because I think I’m cloning myself in some ways…bargain hunters in the making. 🙂

All in all, our year is progressing.  We’re all enjoying the flow and rhythm to our days…not too structured, not too relaxed.  More of one or the other depending on the child.

For all this, all we’re attempting to do and accomplish…for all this,

there is grace.

Amen and amen.



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