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Hello Again!

Hello Again!

We’re back after an intentional break! Let’s try several little posts about what’s been going on instead of one really way-too-long one, shall we?

First, Janelle’s show was GREAT! She did an excellent job throughout all 12 performances and has fallen in ‘love’ with acting, singing and all that jazz. If you enjoyed Schoolhouse Rock from the 70s and 80s, you would have loved the show–75 kids singing their hearts out to the famous ‘Conjunction Junction’, ‘Interjections!’ and many others. A favorite in our home, ‘Just a Bill’, is pictured below.

See her? Janelle is one of the many grumpy ‘bills’ stuck in committee!

Oh, yeah! Now they’ve been made into a law!

Confused? Well, check out the original Schoolhouse Rock cartoon & see how a bill becomes a law.

The theatre was wonderful to work with and made the job easy for parents. In the last few weeks, we heard about another audition and yes….Janelle AND Jackie decided to go for it. They both got cast into The King and I for this July! Exciting all around! We’re looking forward to playing around with the face makeup needed to play the Asian parts. And, we’ve rented the original 1956 musical so that they can learn the songs. More on that as it develops!

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  • KyshaApril 27, 2008 - 10:33 pm

    That’s so neat and oddly enough, we had checked the video out from the library last week. It was the anniversary video with all of the songs that I grew up singing. I think I am conjunctioned out. LOL!ReplyCancel

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