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Green Living

Green Living

I can’t say I live the fully green life, whatever that looks like. But, we’ve made a couple of changes over time. One habit tackled before another began.

I enjoy looking through Lehman’s catalog and dreaming of living the partially non-electric life. My dear husband would probably only join me to a point, so my imagination must fill in the blanks!

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  • The Green RoomMay 16, 2008 - 4:04 pm

    Going green takes some time. You’re right we need to make one change at a time. Every day I look for ways of reducing our wast on resources, for example:

    One morning I decided to take a ten gallon waste basket into the shower with me, (don’t worry the waste basket was clean). I realized that in the time it took for the shower to heat up, the ten gallon basket had overflowed.
    I then realized how much water we waste everyday.
    Immediately, I decided that I would catch that cold water every morning (which was going down the drain) and use it for other tasks (watering plants-in and out side the house-a cleaning job, a free flush,etc.)
    Then I paid attention to how much water ran when I washed dishes in the sink. We use three times as much water by letting the water run while scrubbing.

    It takes a little bit of effort and creativity, but if we look around, we might find ways to conserve our resources.ReplyCancel

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