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give the gift of change

give the gift of change

In this season there are many appeals for giving….

to various organizations and ministries, both local and abroad. Not wanting to overload that message, but also wanting to pause and encourage, today I offer two organizations our family participates in at this time of year. Places where we can make a difference in the daily lifestyles of others.

World Vision Gift Catalog :: from clean water to medical care, assistance for educational needs to goats, chickens and cows, World Vision’s commitment is to provide for those in need.  Gifts to children in the USA or abroad, to families, individuals or communities…there are many options for any budget!
Gospel for Asia’s Gift Catalog :: join with other families or church community to send a camel or water buffalo (or rabbits, lambs, etc) to a location where it would be fitting and quite helpful to own such an animal.  There are also options for sponsorship of missionaries or of individual children.

Whether locally or internationally…

…through your congregation or as a family

…consider giving a gift of change for another.

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