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from the weekend :: gathering the gifts

from the weekend :: gathering the gifts

This practice of gathering grace

of pausing to notice,

and to keep record,

has changed me.

What else did I believe gratitude would do? When the decision to focus is made, the heart responds.  But this is not a journal of praise to some unknown person, sent out into oblivion, never to be received by a listening ear.

This, friends, is an account of Him,

to Him.

Grace undeserved, gifts of mercy.

And I am humbled to be the recipient.

for sensory boxes and little boys playing with pasta

laughter of sisters enjoying jokes

edge-of-seat Bible quiz competitions

friendships among preteen girls, full of much giggling!

welcoming home Daddy after his days away

spouse to spouse conversations, catching up, sharing

peanut butter & jelly sandwiches

Lego pieces and books strewn about

Ethiopian food with a fabulous group of women

homeschool encouragement as we forge ahead

the gathering of our church community

for life.  All of it.

what would you like to do next?

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