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freezer cooking express :: the slow version

freezer cooking express :: the slow version

I should title this post this non-existent version.  Ahem.

However, the excuse of an ‘upside down home in the middle of construction’ is valid and does offer a reasonable explanation, don’t you think?  I began the freezer cooking express idea last fall — a simple way to weekly add to our stockpile of ready-to-go dishes for breakfasts and dinners particularly.

The idea was fabulous (borrowed from Crystal) and happened on a regular basis.

The posting of my progress?….well, not so consistent.  Though all is quite a mess right now in the current kitchen, I’m inching my way back into this idea of preparing food for the freezer.

It’s such a time saver.

I’m jotting down a few notes, organizing my recipes and finding new ones to try in the near future; thought I’d share some with you!

Freezer cooking is not so intimidating really, and it doesn’t need to happen only once-a-month unless that style & rhythm works for you.  Here are a few resources to get started:

My current plan is to first re-introduce the idea in small chunks to our weekly routine.  Maybe sticking with muffins or prepping for dinner?  There are also several new recipes that I’m collecting on my Pinterest board for future reference.

Some of our favorite freezer recipes and also new ones to try:

I won’t promise to post my progress over the next few weeks, but hang in there — maybe over the summer?

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