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four sacred rhythms you need in your life

four sacred rhythms you need in your life

I’m trying something NEW the rest of 2019.

Each month our conversations and my writing will center around a theme. 

After all, I need organization for my bajillion ideas and a sustainable pace for offering said ideas to this community.

I also want to offer you helpful and useful content!

So, I introduce monthly themes for our journey together.

sacred rhythms

September :: sacred rhythms for your soul (or just ‘rhythms’)

Overall, I support women in living courageously — encouraging they show up fully in life.

By this I mean allowing ourselves to be both visible and vulnerable in spaces and relationships we choose.

Too often the opposite lives true. We create dozens of ways to otherwise NOT show up how necessary or desired. These unhelpful patterns certainly find way in my life. The courageous women I work with see it in theirs.

Stick around friend…

We’ll explore much more as time moves along.

In September I want to focus us on living from a centered SOUL.  It’s one key aspect of living courageously.

sacred rhythms

What do I mean by a centered SOUL?

We each hold HUGE capacity to connect, attach, turn our attention towards.

My faith defines this belief. But simply watch the tiniest ones among us!

Babies naturally desire to bond in physical, emotional ways.

In fact, they need to in order to thrive. Healthy living includes caring for this lifelong need.

I invite you to pay attention to where your SOUL, the truest part of you, centers and attaches — to what defines your core focus. You and I will make decisions, take action and give definition to our lives based on whatever holds our attention and allegiance.

If we want to show up and live courageously? We must intentionally decide our soul’s focus.

QUESTION: How do your soul needs shape everyday life?

sacred rhythms

four sacred rhythms: a rhythm of REST

Today I welcome you to consider four rhythms I believe meet the soul’s needs. First — a rhythm of rest.

In my larger faith community it sometimes feels REST is a negative four-letter word among Christians.

A dicey topic to approach, but I am convinced we are created for pause.

Work holds important place in life of course. After all, the original biblical command names six out of seven days set aside for it.

However, this work pattern needs supported by a pattern of REST. Time for laying aside compulsions to do more and allowing ourselves freedom from busyness.

I get passionate about keeping regular rest patterns matching our life season. I plan to share more this month.

QUESTION: what does your pattern(s) of rest look like?


four sacred rhythms: a rhythm of SOLITUDE

Friends, community is great and necessary (see below) — remember courageous living includes allowing ourselves to be visible?

Well, practicing community and visibility needs supported by a rhythm of solitude.

I’ll go as far to say we better understand who we truly are by practicing solitude. Who are you really when God is the only one watching? 

Depending on your faith upbringing, that question may sound belittling. Not my intention though.

Just asking you to notice: when away from the expectations, attention or approval of others, your productivity or a need to be constantly occupied…who are you in the presence of God alone?

A practice of solitude allows space for God’s deepest work. We are then truly empowered to live our best self in Christ!

QUESTION: How do you resist or avoid being alone?

sacred rhythms

a rhythm of REFLECTION

Lately I’ve been flying through our days.

It’s not our norm, thankfully. But September, with its transition from laid-back summer days to school routines, is simply cray-cray (my kids’ word suggestion for ‘crazy’)!

If I constantly live at this speed, there is little time to NOTICE.

To see within me and around me what needs seen — the primary purpose of reflection. We simply cannot live at high speed, barreling from task to task.

Remember: perspective and direction for our next steps often comes through noticing our past steps.

A rhythm of reflection allows space for both.

QUESTION: When do you look back to evaluate, celebrate or notice what’s already happened?

: :


Okay, true confessions.

The first three rhythms of rest, solitude and especially reflection come SUPER easily for me. I’m not perfect, but I am consistent.

I probably carried a journal of reflective thoughts from the time I could write! Outside of ones taken in the middle of a difficult separation, I still own all journals from age 11 to now.

Pausing for solitude?  Check, piece of cake.

Making space for rest?  Yep, a consistent practice.

Noticing my need for spiritual community and friends?  Hey…wanna see my favorite pens and journals?


Practicing the presence of people requires effort for me.

It doesn’t come so naturally.

I find this no better or worse than anyone else’s struggle; it’s simply a rhythm I keep before me to cultivate.

Placing ourselves in community is important.

Whether you find it simple or difficult, being on the giving and receiving end of support, love, trust, challenge, play, laughter, prayer, soulful conversation and encouragement is a needful rhythm for your life.

QUESTION: Who do you talk to about your spiritual life? How often?

: :

These words are September’s cornerstone theme — the post from which other thoughts and writings flow.

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