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forty while 40 list :: part two

forty while 40 list :: part two

Yesterday, I posted the first part of this list — a slightly extended 3in30 list as I go into the next year of life!  I really enjoyed the accountability and flexibility of participant in 3in30, so hoping this format will also carry my #40while40 goals.  We’ll see?

Now situated in my menu bar above, these hope-to-pursue goals will be blogged about as I move on them.  Excited to share bits and pieces of the journey with you!  Hoping to encourage your heart as well, and offer (and receive) thoughts about this living of life on-purpose.

Right now I’m focusing on the “spiritual & service” goals mentioned yesterday :: serving in our local church, reading Scripture chronologically (love this!) and more…

But, I’ll save that for another post. 🙂

Today, here’s the second part of my list:


Celebrate Marriage & Family (6)

with my husband, attend a music concert of interest

plan for & spend a family weekend looking at our mission statement

evaluate our family traditions, establish new ones, affirm old ones

go away on a 1-2 overnight stay (gifted to us!) with my husband

enjoy a summer high tea party with my girls

host a messy party for my boys


For Fun (3)

go sailing at least once

eat at 3 new ethnic restaurants (with friends or with my husband)

host a shrimp boil or salad party with friends


Health & Wellness (3)

continue with healthy habits established — less processed foods, green smoothies, etc.

purchase a {new-to-me} bike and try out at least two trails

take a personal retreat (a yearly practice)


In the Kitchen (6)

purchase a grain mill & grind my own grain regularly {I think!)

make my own vanilla extract

learn to grow sprouts

learn to make water kefir for our smoothies

make liquid hand soap

plant and maintain a very small herb garden (think 3!)



I think this is going to be fun…

and a little fun is just what life should offer sometimes.


what would you like to do next?

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