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for today :: simple woman’s daybook

for today :: simple woman’s daybook

As a practice of staying in the moment, focusing on right now…

TODAY, I’m participating in the simple woman’s daybook.


Outside my window… early birds sing their tune, the world still wet from weekend rains, it’s a little gray, but lovely.

I am thinking... of the to-do list for this week, several details to manage before the weekend and attending the 2 to 1 conference.

I am thankful… for the free ticket I won to the conference, for God’s provision when I wasn’t sure.  So grateful.

In the {new} kitchen… there’s the old kitchen and the new one around here as we continue with construction.  The new kitchen is only being painted currently, without flooring still and cabinets waiting for installation.  I keep placing and re-placing where everything will go, it’s a process.

I am creating... new avenues and ideas for sharing in this blog space based on your tremendous feedback!  More on this in another week or two, but thank you.

I am going… today to visit a friend to assist me with paint color choices; and then spending time pricing items for our homeschool co-op curriculum sale tonight.

I am pondering… about this tween teen girl of mine starting high school next year, a new adventure for both of us…homeschooling this far, this long.  We’re incredibly excited!

I am reading… an interesting mix:  Unshaken and Being in Balance – not sure of my opinion on either just yet.

I am learning… so much about home details and construction, more than I ever knew.  The variant gauges of stainless steel for sinks, where to find great deals on appliances, deck flooring options and much, much more!  What an education…

I am hoping... for early bedtimes all week before I leave.  It’s on the list, now to make it a priority and practice.

I am looking forward to… visiting again with my BEECH conference friends, many of whom I’ll see this weekend!  Forging the ties that bind…

One of my favorite things… is a new acrylic straw for drinking green smoothies!  My sister had given me one of hers and I’d misplaced it.  Recently found it again {see what clearing the clutter can do?} and I’m excited…it’s the small things, yes it is.

A few plans for the rest of the week: along with preparing for leaving the home front and selling homeschool curriculum… more decisions concerning the new addition and kitchen, writing a note to a friend, homeschooling, reading, RESTING.

I’m determined, resting is on the list!


A gracious day to each of you…


what would you like to do next?

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