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finding summer :: day 3

finding summer :: day 3

The weekend is here and we anticipate celebrating family — reunions of those from far and wide (cousins from overseas!) to those close by.  Then Father’s Day is an especially anticipated day as we pause and give honor.  Full days, full hearts.

But yesterday, summer was slow and found us in a variety of places and spaces, but without the camera tagging along as much…(that’s a simple interpretation of ‘Mom forgot the camera’).

I did capture a moment or two ~

:: the 2-3 hours I spend on weekly household planning has been a lifesaver!  Preparing for errand running (shouldn’t this be considered an Olympic sport if taking children along?) , homeschool thoughts to consider, menu ideas, ministry responsibilities and just other general to dos.  There’s a 168 hours in a week — taking a slice of this gift and thinking through the days ahead helps to keep our slightly complicated life simple.  Hmmm…maybe more on that another time!

:: when I discovered this corn dog muffins recipe, I scooped it up to try!  Using a different corn bread recipe (our favorite so far), the children declared that these were delicious.  And I agreed.


Hoping your summer is filled with memorable moments.  Grace to your weekend….




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