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finding joy in old things

finding joy in old things

So today she encourages to record  3 old things seen new

and I’m not sure they are things.  Yet this practice of seeing grace, naming grace is a habit I never want to leave behind.  Life’s lens is forever altered as what was easily missed before is seen in new light.

The light of GRACE.  All this, everything…is grace.  When I recognize the gifts, pause to thank the Giver, my heart lodges deep and finds roots in an unspeakable joy.

January 30th’s 1000 gifts focus: Old things seen new, appreciated more as grace shines…

:: my little girl who loves to bake (above are blueberry muffins completed from start to finish on her own).  I’ll be honest to say her requests for time in the kitchen have sometimes caused a cringe inside.  At 8, she’s much better.  Before now, there was always flour, sugar, bowls, oodles of spoons and utensils, all remnants of her ‘baking’ — all for Mama to clean up.

I watched her recently.  How much she truly enjoys the craft and finds pleasure in serving the family (her little brothers happily welcome the results from the oven!); and I resolved to not allow something as mundane as maintaining a clean kitchen to crush a little girl’s request.

Old thing seen new…thank you for grace.

:: family games and the gift of humor. How many have we played through the years?  Recently however, I’ve appreciated them even more.  To laugh together, play together — it’s a part of our family mission statement.  We do well I think.

Long-time traditions seen in new light…

:: family dinner, our evening gathering.  Since Advent, the children have taken to continuing candles at the dinner table.  There’s a soothing effect that Mama appreciates; yes, we had more to eat than clementines and pickles. 🙂

Words cannot fully express how much I’ve come to appreciate our family dinner time.  A high priority is placed on us being together, eating together, sharing together regularly.  Often the incessant talking, noise! and the slight chaos of spilled drinks causes me wonder why the fuss to make it special.

But that’s just it…dinner time is special to us.  A necessary of life :: reminded afresh it’s an anchor to our days.


Old things seen new.



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