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final thoughts on passions and seasons

final thoughts on passions and seasons

So, I didn’t really intend for a five-part series.  But as a slightly wordy person, I didn’t want a very long three-part series as well!

Today, final thoughts on this w-i-d-e topic of pursuing the dreams and vision God has given.  Whether it’s for our roles in the home or another workplace, with our children or another pursuit altogether, it’s important to define where we are and what to pursue now.

Then we need practical help on how to juggle it all — how to manage time and priorities.  This process does take thought, and may not even come easily to us, but the efforts are worth the results of confidently walking out the path before us.

Before closing up shop on the topic, three thoughts ~

::  we must be willing to live — truly live — who God created us to be. I haven’t figured out why it’s so intimidating or scary to do this at times, I just know that it is.  We have insecurities, someone pokes fun, we doubt and re-question ourselves numerous times.

But we must be who we were shaped to be without apology — own who you are. Not with arrogance or stuck-upness (I know, that’s not really a word!).  Also find ways to celebrate others even when their God-given path is so different from yours!

:: you may do all all of this thinking and processing only to reach the conclusion that your biggest dream cannot be pursued right now.  Discouragement and temptation to drop the entire thing will come —


So maybe you can’t write that book this year, but how can you pursue this dream right now — start journaling, submit to an online forum, write one more chapter? Baby steps are just as important as major leaps. Not now doesn’t mean never.  The point is to keep moving!

:: Pursuing wholeheartedly God-given dreams will require work.  But, there is an important difference between sacrifice and compromise. We can work hard, giving it all we have, without lowering our standards (or God’s!) in vital areas of life.

So, if pursuing an idea or passion begins to offset another significant area of life — it’s time to evaluate.  Sacrifice is okay…getting up earlier, giving up watching TV to work on a project, etc…that’s not a problem.  But if relationships around us suffer or we ignore taking care of our bodies, then ‘Houston, we have a problem’.  Compromise should not be an option.




So, go for it! We were designed by a masterful God to accomplish with purpose all He had in mind.  Take time to learn what this is all about and move forward one step at a time.

Thank you for joining in this series — part of my pursuit of God-given passions. 🙂


Grace today and in the journey….



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