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embracing the season :: identifying the passion

embracing the season :: identifying the passion

So we’ve talked about not striving to be superman or superwoman,

that comparing ourselves to one another is just not smart,

and of identifying what the current God-ordained season of life holds for us…

I’m not sure that words here are new to any of us, but great reminders don’t you think?  I need to remember and rehearse truth.

Today, I want to pause and talk about cooking utensils.  Yes, kitchen gadgets.

I have to sometimes tame the desire within to own every little kitchen thingy out there!  While it’s true they each have a purpose, I could just see myself becoming frustrated because the mango peeler is missing or little hands took the strawberry huller to pick up stones outside.  Ahem.

But they do each have purpose.  Man cannot live by spatula alone.

So what’s my point?

After we’ve identified the ‘right now’ season — important then is to ask the Lord what we should be doing with the gifts, the talents, the passions He has placed in our lives.  How do we serve Him with these blessings?

The tricky part is that our abilities are like kitchen utensils…all very important, but each with different purpose and use.  I wouldn’t use an ice cream scoop to serve salad or a melon baller to stir soup (actually I might do that last one in a pinch)!

A similar principle should apply in seeking to honor God with our talents or gifts — recognizing that we do have a variety and asking Him to identify which one(s) are to be in use at this time.  What are we ‘cooking’ Lord and which tools do I need right now?

This is especially true if we have many ideas, are gifted in multiple ways or have accomplished much before, but find ourselves more limited by time or other in this current season.

Here’s an example:

I was blessed with parents who invested greatly in music instruction.  I grew up taking lessons in piano, violin and voice and opportunities to develop this talent were great.  After high school I went on to teach those instruments in private lessons for over 12 years.

As time passed and life changed, the use of my musical training began to switch and a need to release certain aspects became more clear.  While I was obviously able ‘to do’ — the season had changed and it was time for these abilities to leave center stage.

Oh, I still dabble in piano, every once in a while sing with a worship team, and have the privilege of passing instruction to my children.  But how do we know which God-given passions to pursue in the current God-ordained season of life?

I only offer a few simple thoughts ~

ask of Him to identify  and place your ideas, passionate pursuits, etc. into one of three categories:

Without food, a person can survive several days.
Without water, a little less.
And some pursuits are understandably in these catagories :: on the sidelines anticipating their return into my life. It’s not the time or season, and I willingly accept this.
But there are one or two that are like taking a breath. It’s necessary or suffocation is soon to occur.

Pray through the opportunities in front of you, assuming they line up with God’s desires for you as well and ask ~

is it FOOD :: WATER :: or BREATH?


I’ll leave you to ponder & reflect….



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