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down february lane…

down february lane…

As I’ve thought of fresh vision for this blog space,

it has been enlightening and fun to visit posts from the past. Of words, ideas, the ramblings of my mind in years gone by.

So today, I bring you to a walk down February lane from the past three years of blogging.

valentines for my loves :: simple gifting ideas for my kiddos, circa 2008

oh, what fun we had at the pinkalicious birthday party! :: wow, she’s about to be EIGHT next week.

this little boy has grown up too fast :: I miss those chubby cheeks

beans and cornbread (recipe included) :: a good old-fashioned winter meal!

Oh, and where has this little peanut gone in just a year!?  The days are long, but the years are short….

and finally, for the Mamas out there, in anticipation of Valentine’s Day (some posts coming next week on simple celebrating ideas!), here are some words I’ve revisited often :: how to love for mothers.

Be blessed and may your weekend shine bright…


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