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defining the season of life :: a few questions

defining the season of life :: a few questions

Yesterday, we talked of understanding what time or season it may be in our lives.

So it begs the question, how do we evaluate this?

Living life to the fullest — whatever this means for each person — is a hot button right now and has taken up prime real estate in bookstores around the country.

I’m not attempting to dismiss those who have expanded versions of how to move from point A to point B in life.  In fact, Michael Hyatt’s Creating Your Life Plan is up next for me to read, already downloaded (by the way, it’s free right now, so snag it for later).

We need a plan — we need multiple avenues for thinking and processing.  That’s all good and important.

But, if you’re like me…at times you just want a simplified version to get started.  May I offer a few thoughts?

In one year from today…

What might I deeply regret if it didn’t get done?

If a gathering of family and friends commences one year from today to talk with me about what I’ve accomplished or who I became — what would I like said?

This definitely could be taken well into 3 years, 5 years or even a lifetime of planning and thinking through these questions.  I often choose to stop at one year for one reason:

I define where I am right now.

One year keeps me focused on the next 12 months, which identifies where I am and a few next steps.  Personally, thinking through my entire lifetime is just too overwhelming!  Yes, I want to be known as a woman of grace, a mother who was patient and kind, I’d love to write a book one day, start a business, support my children’s children’s dreams….

but to evaluate that all at once is a bit much.  While I keep the big picture out in front of me, for now, one year thinking is more beneficial.

Because in one year, bar any huge unexpected life changes, I’ll still be a mother of young children…

a pastor’s wife…

a woman with a passion to write…

a homeschooling mom…

living in the same neighborhood…

you see the point? The season of my life would still be very familiar — and this keeps me focused on where I am now and what the Lord desires to accomplish in me and through me right now.

Even if you anticipate major changes in the next months leading up to a year…it’s easier to project into a near future versus the far future.

So again the same question from yesterday with hopefully a few helps from today’s post ~

What is the God-ordained season of life for you now? What are you about — what fills life and time for you now?


Next up, we’ll share around the topic of discerning through what we’re doing or thinking of pursuing —

How do we know which God-given passions to pursue in the current season of life?

Grace for today….


updated to add ~

part 3 :: embracing the season, identifying the passion


what would you like to do next?

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