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deep winter reflections

deep winter reflections

[Thanks very much for your kind words in response to my last post. I appreciate each thought shared and also hearing some of your stories. Prayers of healing for us all.]

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It’s a new year, friends.

This one finds me anticipating the days ahead…I have a good feeling about 2019.

My hope-filled thoughts include a desire to shed the last few years’ difficult experiences (or more specifically their hold on my emotions). I grieved hard the past 7-9 months, which in turn renewed my energy.

Funny how that works.

When we attempt to tough it out, our body suffers, our spirit crumbles and long-term we’re in for a messier reality than allowing all the feels a way of release (yes, yes in helpful, appropriate ways of course).

But I’ve also felt jittery entering 2019.

Into January my mind scattered as I tried to organize new planners, write goals, reflect on the year gone by, and wait for my ONE word to pop into mind & spirit — which didn’t happen.

All my Type A, Enneagram 5 buttons fired off like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland: you’re late, you’re late, you’re late! Did you hear? YOU. ARE. LATE.

After several weeks of frustration, something really simple dawned on me THIS week.

So simple it feels silly to mention, but I want to share in case someone needs this too: I’m smack in the middle of winter, my least favorite season.

I don’t feel super energized in the winter!

What I have noticed:

I don’t want to declutter or Marie Kondo my house right now, or even watch the Netflix show.

I’ve experienced resistance to every 21 day challenge, program or to-do list sent to my inbox (many from lovely author/blogger friends doing great work).

While I live a full life requiring detailed attention to our schedule and needs, I feel much more in maintenance mode this season than start afresh mode.

My soul speaks loudly:  Winter is not your peak time. Be okay with this. Be very okay.

Simple and so true.

Not sure how this unfolds every year, but right now I’ve rested and relaxed in understanding better how January 2019 (maybe February?) plays its role.  It’s deep winter. In some ways, I want to hibernate a little more.

Be still. Quiet. Refresh my spirit. Listen.

Create cozy. Watch more movies. Stay slow. Sleep.

Extend journal time. Gather with close friends.

Pause. Ponder. Putter around.

Ah, yes. I see a gentle month ahead…YOU?


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  • BrandyJanuary 11, 2019 - 6:23 am

    That sounds like a lovely January plan to me! Winter naps help Spring arrive faster.ReplyCancel

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