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Days of Food :: 13

Days of Food :: 13

Some favorite cookbooks today!

I really like books…all kinds, especially those with pictures of the finished product of a great recipe. I’ve been known to whittle away time at Barnes n Nobles or Borders just browsing and reading through cookbooks while sipping a spiced tazo chai latte!

Even though I enjoy them, there are not many cookbooks on my shelf {sigh}. A few of my favorites through the years and that don’t get tossed into a give-away box:

Simply in Season is part of a World Community Cookbook series. I also own a few others in the series.

Extending the Table–I love this one! Recipes from Botswana, Poland, Mexico, the Phillipines and many other countries. The intriguing part are also the stories & quotes from around the world. I simply like reading this cookbook {and guess what, it has very few pictures & none of the actual recipes–and I still think it’s great.}

For children:
We found this book at a yard sale and what fun it is! Pretend Soup is a great early cookbook for preschoolers and is tailor-made for this age group. Easy to follow pictures (illustrated, not photos) of each step.
Now it’s counterpart Honest Pretzels, for ages 8 & up, is on our wish list.
And, if you need a reference on when to feed what foods to an infant/toddler and making baby food, let me recommend the Super Baby Food book. I still use info out of this one.
And there are the faithfuls like Betty Crocker, Southern Living annuals, Martha Stewarts, etc. I just keep checking those out of the library. I’d love to hear any cookbook favorites of yours!
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  • Ann@His Grace To MeAugust 29, 2008 - 10:36 am

    My favorite is the Ultimate Southern Living cookbook. Not the newer one, the old one. It stays on my kitchen counter, it never goes back on the bookshelf. The recipes in that cookbook are generally no-fail, and are easily modified.ReplyCancel

  • HomeGrown LifeAugust 30, 2008 - 7:47 pm

    I love Super Baby Food! What a great list of cookbooks. I also love the recipes included in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Alice Water’s Simple Food books- all about eating local foods produced in season.ReplyCancel

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