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Days of Food :: 10

Days of Food :: 10

No picture today, but the link has one!

This weekend I tried a clam chowder recipe for the first time & that went over very well, even with the kids {except one, but I knew she wouldn’t like it anyway}. We lived in New England for several years and my husband grew up there, so this is a classic northern dish. I didn’t eat clam chowder until I met my husband.

I also didn’t eat mushrooms or crabs. Or much of Italian food. But, when in Rome do as the Romans…and so New England rubbed off on this Texan girl :: who by the way, still loves authentic, I mean really authentic Mexican food and also seafood right out of the Gulf of Mexico. Nothing compares.

So when I recently found cans of minced clams and clam juice at a grocery outlet, I grabbed them all and whipped up the recipe. It’s good–not as wonderful as the one we enjoyed in Boston once, but good enough to repeat {that was the family vote!}.

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