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creativity :: crafting beautiful things

creativity :: crafting beautiful things

{a few more thoughts today on doing beautiful things, words written last week still simmering in my heart}

Creativity will broaden, deepen, intensify
your relationship with God.
It can be your most vital, viable, examining experience,
resulting in worship and wonder.”

~Ruth Vaughn

Back in October I met with kindred hearts, women who write, who pour out life and valuable words for others.  A weekend full of sharing, connecting and understanding.  True understanding — of this thing called creativity.

Of offering a piece of yourself to others, expressions of the heart, carved out on paper and computer screens across America — across the world?

And then there are ones who use different mediums :: paint, clay, fabric, fiber, metal and the list goes on.  All of us attempting the same.  Sharing this most valuable, often vulnerable and tender part of ourselves with others.

We were born to create.

And burning within I believe is this desire to give back in some fashion,

in some way offering others the gift within.

So we craft words and song, mold earthy substance, shape, make, model –all of this — in order to produce a form of art that someone will call worthy, call beautiful even?

This pursuit is honorable.  For the Christian we seek another purpose as well :: a higher aspiration than the applause of peers and the admiration of equals.  Our offer of creativity must be rooted and grounded in one solid foundation.

To give praise.

“Not to us, LORD, not to us
but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.”
(Psalm 115:1)

To give praise to the Giver, careful to understand that any gift, any talent…anything worthy of applause, really belongs to Him.  We create and offer beautiful things to His heart, prayerfully desiring that others see Christ within more than our accomplishments.

At times this is difficult, we struggle.  I struggle.  Wanting the attention of others, waiting for words of recognition and favor — but all for whom?  For what?

The woman in Bethany that day did not receive approval, only rebuke.  Affirmation did not arise on her behalf.  Only One found her gift acceptable — and this same One speaks today :

Your gift…is beautiful to Me.  Offer of yourself, share of who you are and of the gifts I gave — for my glory.  Let the aroma of this praise offering mightily bless those around, even if they do not understand.
Let me always, however, be the primary audience.

As we create and craft ‘beautiful things’, seek greatness for Him alone.



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