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counting 1000 gifts

counting 1000 gifts

Not sure what number I’m on since I stopped exact counting long ago, but it’s been a while.

Time to reflect here the praise of my heart recently :: maybe you too will consider sharing grace gifts?


long-time plans for housing come to pass {more on this tomorrow!}

for his hand in mine as we sit and dream

for God-sized plans causing faith to rise up

his toddler voice speaking – oh, words!!

a little girl’s love of baking

the return of bird songs outside my window

and the springs of green making their way

the passing of winter

winning a ticket to the 2 to 1 conference!!

for a most excellent homeschool year so far – refreshing

for community and friendship and opportunities :: all surrounding my love of words

the appearance of taproot magazine in my mailbox

For all this and much more, I give thanks and lift praise.  

For I Am Blessed.



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