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This month has been one event after the other and we seem to keep stopping to take notice of special happenings around us. In February:

Groundhog Day (okay, we didn’t do much, but it is a PA tradition)
Superbowl–and we’re not even football fans!
Super Tuesday
Jordyn’s 5th Birthday
Valentine’s Day
President’s Day
Total Eclipse of the Moon–did you catch it tonight?
100th Day of School
Black History Month
Leap Year
Mom & Dad’s Anniversary

And that’s not counting the things that we don’t really participate in much like Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, the start of Lent….wow! All of these events make for some fun learning as we discover the who, what, and why behind the celebrations. We kind of need to get back on track with our regular academics {ahem!}.

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