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Beauty and the Boring

Beauty and the Boring

You have to be grateful for it all…true? What I feel like is lovely and also for other things that don’t quite cut that list.

42. for more signs of Spring all around
43. the pitter-patter of his little feet. gotta love it.
44. and his shadow….oh, too cute.

45. the accomplishment of Spring cleaning all around the kitchen
46. the further projects that need to be completed (thus the title boring :o)
47. reviewing a simple book from my past faves list
48. laundry done! a gift of service from my dear husband
49. cranberry goodness…

50. quiet moments in busy days….

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  • Fruitful VineApril 14, 2008 - 3:18 pm

    Just stopped by to say hi! Hope you had a great weekend.

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