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be overwhelmed by this one thing…

be overwhelmed by this one thing…

Today I feel a little helpless…a little small

overcome by a tornado’s strength, taking land and lives into its grip

shaken upon hearing distressing news within our congregation —

of family members lost, loved ones departing

the tiny life within a mother’s womb, stopped short

the tears of those who wait without answers to questions without words

…just heart cries.

and I am overwhelmed.

The temptation to shelve all emotion is inviting,

why entertain the suffering and pain?

When life floods in and rains pours down, and we ponder giving up —

to stop believing and trusting that beauty can arise from ashes

we must pause.

For I am overwhelmed by the smaller thing.

We cannot ignore situations and circumstances,

our hearts and minds buckle under the weight…yes, it’s true.

In this life, we will have trouble.

But today, I also choose —

to be overwhelmed by something greater, something bigger.

The relentless, passionate, incredible, wonderful, extraordinary LOVE of a merciful God.

This God who loves continuously :: unending, consistent, unchanging in His grace.

He has never failed.  He cannot fail.

He is everlasting.

I am overcome by this one thought :: this God is here. With me.  In Joplin.

With you.

What a mighty God we serve…



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