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battling burnout {part 1} :: there is hope

battling burnout {part 1} :: there is hope

Yesterday’s post included a definition of burnout and yet offered a ray of hope as well —

there is recovery from this place.

I speak with confidence because my own personal journey in the past year has taken me to places of extreme fatigue of mind and body…perhaps burnout times two?

The nature God has granted, one which continues on and on (and on) in the face of difficulty has served me well in times of need.  I would make a fabulous emergency room doctor or nurse since somehow I seem to keep my wits about me in the face of trauma, of problems, of stress.  Thank you, Lord.

Except the past year and a half was full of unprecedented stress :: walking a child and our family through major life changes, personal health difficulties, ministry upheavals…the list grew too long too fast.

And I crashed.

Not a screeching halt heard by all, but more a steady ebbing away of energy, until there was little left to accomplish the basics.  Days where fixing breakfast seemed a monumental task, much less homeschooling and parenting those hungry children.

There is recovery though…there is hope.  Burnout is not a permanent fixture in life.  Part of living intentionally is recognizing a need for serious pause in order to continue.

I’m not an expert and there are many approaches to this topic, so words here are only an encouragement, not a prescription.

Really, it’s an offering of how one woman found her way out.

Begin with prayer. A few minutes, a few whispers, whatever seems possible.  Pray to be filled with assurance that recovery is possible.  Pray for power and confidence to walk this journey back, to nourish soul and body.  Remember the power of Christ resides within and will give strength.  Pray that unbelief will be overcome with faith.

Make a plan for physical rest or allow another to make one for you.  Are you tired or exhausted on a regular basis?  Rest. Yes, it’s possible! :: time for extra sleep can be a reality if we release other responsibilities for a season.  This need cannot be overlooked as most likely, it’s been neglected?  We go, go, go until our energy is gone, gone, gone — sometimes necessary, yet not a way for daily living.  We need rest.

Prayer and physical rest…a good way to begin, yes?


{I’ll finish up a few more encouragements for the journey on Friday.  May you find life in word written here, but more importantly may you draw strength from the words He speaks to you….listen for them today. He’s speaking.}


edited to add:

battling burnout {part 2} :: steps to recovery


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