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baby steps into gluten-free baking

baby steps into gluten-free baking

{Thank you all for your emails, comments on my last post!  Oh, you bless me.  It’s not that I was discouraged, but I certainly appreciate the cheers to carry on…thank you!!}

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So I mentioned recently about trying a bit of gluten-free cooking.  Overall, I’ve been cutting back on bread in my diet and substituting other flours in our baking.

First of all, my French and Haitian heritage doesn’t help.  I adore bread.  My grandparents owned and operated a bakery in Haiti, and from my childhood days, I clearly remember summer cooking lessons where my mother taught us to make croissants.

And pastries, and cookies…You see?   I’m a little spoiled.

But really, it couldn’t be too hard, right?


I need to keep working at it.  I know it won’t taste exactly as we’re used to, but I need to get the right mix of flours down for various types of recipes.  And to remember to add xanthum gum for holding everything together (ahem).

Insert story here about breakfast cookies made without xanthum and frozen for later eating.  Deliciously crumbly.  The kids didn’t seem to care.

Two resources I’m leaning on heavily for guidance are The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen website (tons of recipes!) and also their newest cookbook Nourishing Meals.  The cookbook has great explanations and helpful articles on baking gluten-free; check out too this extensive post on gluten-free flours by my friend Paula.

Everything is being taken little by little.  I’ve learned the best way for me to establish new habits is in baby steps consistently.

And so I bake….

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Anyone have other gluten-free helps to add?  Feel free to write in or comment!

Grace to your weekend…

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