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About Me

About Me

I’m Daniele.

A woman on a journey towards intentional living :: pursuing a biblically-centered marriage, grace-based parenting, a peace-filled home. All this while facing the broken nature of my own humanity, that I’m guaranteed to stumble and fall at times.

I’m wife to one amazing man, my best friend & confidant.
Mama to five kiddos ages 19 to a baby.

We live in central Pennsylvania and find the rhythm and pace of life in our surroundings to be just right. For us, this is home.

Domestic Serenity began as a creative adventure, a way to jot down the ramblings in my mind and to try and make sense of it all–homeschooling, spirituality, cooking, crafting, and whatever else. To understand my style of writing and the purpose a little more, please read here.

All of this continues, and as of 2010 a new focus and energy arises for this space–

–a means of expression to share around a life passion :: the needs of children, my own and the multitudes around the globe. To be a champion to the ones in my care and a defender of the many who need an advocate. Long before becoming a mother, this was my heartbeat. These little ones are my life’s work and I choose to be a voice for the children of the nations.

So if you don’t mind a hodgepodge of topics–a bit of this & that and primarily to me, meeting the needs of children (wherever they may be)–then welcome.

Welcome to Domestic Serenity.

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