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{a reminder for the trembling heart}

{a reminder for the trembling heart}

Our past is not the sole definer of who we are today, who we might become tomorrow.

Whether we’ve experienced great pain or the heights of incredible success in days gone by, the question lies in how we plan to move forward now.  Energy is spent though in attempting to grab glimpses of the past…

to be as pretty, as young

as witty, as intelligent

as vivacious, as adventurous

as whatever…

But should we attempt trying to be a former version of ourselves?

Looking back gives perspective, true.  We learn from mistakes and remember portions of life well-lived — there is much value in this practice.  Yet, we can spend too much of our right now season of life reminiscing, wishing for, and trying to relive…

instead of asking God for vision and direction for now.

It’s fear, ya know.

I say this because I’ve lived it — this twisted feeling inside that’s afraid of what may be ahead, what might be next.  Wanting to live in the comfort zone of yesterdays.  Yep, it’s fear I think.  Plain and simple.

Here’s the truth to break through our thoughts :: our God is full of ongoing vision and plans for us, to bring us hope and a future.

Celebrate how He’s worked in the past, allow Him to heal if needed,

and then let Him gently move you into what’s next.

He’s already there.

“Let the past sleep, but let it sleep on the bosom of Christ, and go out into the irresistible future with Him.”

Oswald Chambers

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