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a peek into my month + how goes 2020?

a peek into my month + how goes 2020?

Happy (very belated) New Year, friends!

Seeing it’s my first post of the new decade, I thought a life update might be good.  Like before, just a peek into my days as I experience them.

But first, how does this year feel so far for you?

Around me and on social media I hear varying reports. Some feel the season explodes with fresh energy, new ideas and overall 2020 will be a BIG year.

Others felt January moved s-l-o-w-l-y.

I land somewhere in the middle.  You?

danish hygge

Whether your days felt energetic or less than, I encourage considering practices from the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced hyoo-guh).  It is where I’ve invested most of January.

The winter season offers a slower pace if we allow.

So include space for activities pictured above as part of your self-care — do it without feeling guilty! Nourish your soul in the ways most needed.

In January I intentionally set aside certain to-do lists and soaked up deep winter’s quiet and slow mood.

Family life still included the fullness we chose…yet, I attempted a less rushed approach as much as possible.

A Peek into My Month

I purchased a NEW planner to track intentions and goals this year: the Makse Life Planner. I love it so, so much for organizing my thoughts! More on this later.

One personal goal is to read ten fiction books in 2020.

While this may sound wimpy, I rarely read fiction (maybe 1-2 a year).

So I feel GREAT about reading one fiction book already in 2020: Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah. I give it 3-4 stars… liked it well enough.

Non-fiction books I’m reading:

I offer spiritual care to those working within difficult situations or with others’ trauma: prison ministry, post-abortive care ministry, church leadership and others. This book sheds light as I support them — very helpful!

a peek into my month

Speaking of offering spiritual care…

In January I reached capacity for one-on-one clients. My hope for a certain number in a year’s time happened in four months.  #thankyouGod

Another 2020 goal for me includes investing in relationships…saying YES often to opportunities for connection with family and friends.

So last month I attended two retreats: one to teach and share, one with homeschooling Moms I’ve met in the last two years.

Both incredibly life-giving.

Family life includes the normal bustle of homeschooling — it’s also theatre show season for the kids. Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals!

: :

How was your 2020 start? 


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