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A Peek Into Last Week…19th anniversary, homeschooling changes, and a NFL record jump!

A Peek Into Last Week…19th anniversary, homeschooling changes, and a NFL record jump!

Welcome to a NEW month!

The month SPRING finally arrives, and that I hope our snow storms go away for good.  Truly, this winter treated us fairly well overall so I cannot complain too much.

For several weeks, I have thought of starting this Monday morning feature of looking back into our week as a family.  Today is the day!

It is just a peek, not a play-by-play of the entire week, and I may not make it exactly on Monday each time, but this is the goal. 🙂

 : :

Writing steadily on a specific weekly topic (such as the 52 Ways to More Serenity series) was incredibly popular with many of you, and I enjoyed the flow as well.

Plus, maybe this will help with the writer’s block I’m experiencing lately – who knows?

‘A Peek Into Last Week’ may include:

  • snapshots of homeschooling
  • bits of ministry work & life
  • what I’m reading or creating
  • highlights of our family life
  • how I saved $$ that week or any deals I’d like to share
  • other stuff as it comes to mind!

selfies on mom’s new phone!

A Peek Into Last Week, February 22-28

As I shared on Facebook, February and I do not often get along, but this year was MUCH better.  Even so, I am glad for  the month to be over.

Last week began in full steam as we prepped for our church’s annual vision and business meeting.  Even though plans were well laid out ahead of time, there are always final details!  Thankfully, everything came together smoothly and our evening went well.

I’m usually running slower after such a big weekend, but last Monday brought BIG hoopla in our extended family.  My husband’s cousin, Byron Jones, is a NFL prospect and last week, he set an NFL record in the broad jump!

Take a peek at this video:

Some of my teen girl’s friends were incredibly impressed and asked if we actually knew Byron (or him us).  The answer is YES, we know him well!  The whole family has been buzzing about his record-setting jump all week…

Back on the home front, my husband and I celebrated our 19th anniversary Tuesday with a ‘date day’.

You know, the entire afternoon AND evening spent driving a little out of town, eating delicious seafood, roaming the near-empty mall and upgrading our phones (a long overdue project for me).  Talking, laughing, remembering and dreaming…

Totally and completely romantic in my book.  Many thanks to my Mom for staying with our kiddos.

Reading more fiction has been a goal this year, but unfortunately, there is minimal success in this area.

Last week, I checked out The Orphans of Race Point and Whistling Past the Graveyard from the library based on recommendations from a friend.

Only two pages were read, folks.  Two pages.  Must do better this week.  I have been reading She Reads Truth’s Lent devotional and Scripture recommendations however!

In our homeschooling journey, we began using individual daily lists for our 3rd & 6th graders — the best and simplest homeschool improvement this year.   I’ve been struggling to find a good rhythm with the changes in our schedules.

Our core subjects and extras are typed, and the kids and I fill out the list of assignments together.  After just several days, there is more peace in our routine, and everyone is happy.

Always good news, yes?

The week also included my work outside of the home, some meetings, having a friend’s little guy over so she could take a break, making stickers for my planner (a new hobby pictured above) and the final days of a FULL indoor field hockey season.

A certain 12-year old girl is a bit saddened, but Mama doesn’t mind the switch from three nights a week to one for spring training. 🙂


The week ended with Sabbath.

Several hours of pause to reflect, journal, enjoy a solo moment and just some down time.  Because Sundays are work days for most pastors’ families, ours included, my husband and I both take part of another day weekly for REST.

Last week I wasn’t feeling very well, and so my Sabbath time centered around home…but it was refreshing nonetheless.

Thanks for joining me on this ‘peek into my week’ journey!

Share a little about YOUR week if you’d like. 🙂

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